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Birth Photography, at it's heart, is a tangible memento of a whirlwind of hard work and raw emotion. There will be moments of strength, exhaustion, vulnerability, happiness and so much more. I believe this profound and transformative journey is absolutely one

worthy of documenting! 


In early 2016 I was contacted by a beautiful mother, soon to be expecting her second child, a daughter. After experiencing the birth of her son just a few years before, she realised how hazy the memory of a birthing mother truly was and asked whether I would be happy to attend her birth this time. Let's just say I was beyond excited to help this family preserve the memory of their daughters birth in all of it's minute detail, to look back on and share together for years to come.

This marked my entry into the world of Birth Photography, a world in which I feel completely honoured each and every time to share and document this sacred and intimate journey for you. 

For more information, please get in touch via my contact form.

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